Independent Love Song

The clock strikes 8 PM We are in the midst of some Spaghetti and meatballs Talking about what transpired During the day. We are an anti-thesis Of passion, how we start the conversation With the most boring fact; How the street dog looked a little ill today Or how the traffic was a menace. And … Continue reading Independent Love Song

Love in the 40s……

I remember hitting 30, like yesterday, The hair thinner than my 20s, The confidence considerably thicker though,  After 5 years in graduate school. Now I look on the mirror to see a plumping man, With a little tummy tires and 40 something waistline And a flabby neck getting flabbier by the day. And I look … Continue reading Love in the 40s……

A Poem

What transforms me, Like the stray dogs on the streets, Is that, once something becomes Too comfortable, you become Set in your ways. Like my story Of journeying into an accidental poet. Now I make some words scamper like fleas And sometimes I make them stick like ticks I also make the head chase the … Continue reading A Poem


You look at her doing some art In bed with her Samsung Galaxy minitab. She is in a world Of her own, in a skimpy pair of shorts, And a brown-beige top. And I’m afloat in sight, the light Waves undulating through the vacant Space, carving open a dominion Along her contour lines. Suddenly She … Continue reading Michelle

Bikini (inspired by the picture)

An atomic bomb was dropped In the Bikini atoll in 1946. Here Nuclear leaks spilled through Generations of vegetation and fauna, Leaving behind a legacy of Survival and perishment, sometimes both, in Adjacent plots. Meanwhile the bikini continues To make spills, seeping out through triangular edges Of models curvier than Kate Upton Leaving little to … Continue reading Bikini (inspired by the picture)