Love 7

She awaits,
For the stranger capped with a condom
To take her to a strange land 
– a nonsensical La La Land.
Where she will hear a mellifluous voice
Singing “La Vie en Rose”
Of all the things the heart desires.

Unstringing a string that ties
The two halves of her lacey corset together,
And an invisible string
That ties her plumbing and his, into one flesh,
And a string that will be abridged
For her body to elope like a runaway kite.

And a wonderland awaits her,
Where the grass is lusher and greener,
Blades rising like goosebumps,
Dew dappled like water-colored nipples

And an inescapable feeling
That a lawn mower had just run through
Every inch of her skin.

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