Love Landscaped


Summer stage
Of flamingo plumage

An open doorway
Guarded by cherry blossoms

The sweetest noise
Of surrender, an olive branch

Two feet orbited by floored lace
And two eyes, witnesses of heavens grace

And in converge, They are like swans
In a neckwrap, blurred by lust

They make sounds, never heard before,
Like a stone making concentric ripples.

And bathed in pristine dew,
You are like a blade of lush grass in the wind

And soon, those orbitals will fall
And all that will remain

Is the afterglow, teeth, like polished
Chess pieces basking in the glory

Of a victory, that like the molten sugar
Pulverized out of sugarcane,

Drips out through the honey combs.
While the bees are still droning around.

The hull breaks into splinters
And the termites that schemed her escape

Fly out like a swarm of locusts. The candle
Becomes wax, time turning timeless

The spaceless moment, rifts apart
Into their own continental land forms

And you’re now the inverse
Of where you started from

An emptied bowl, whose face
Shimmers brighter than the full moon.