Duckface Paradox

Duck Face

Love and indifference
Hang on your lips, as you are,
The paradox in my life – duckface and pokerface
And those smooth lines, I conjure at will, to make one
Transform to another. Then I become
A paradox, in love and hate; How I hate myself, seeing you
On your knees, yet loving what
You do – those waterfowl moments-
That foul the inside of my conscience.
And my face is just a paradox too,
Looking at your face dabbling
At me, the devilish grin and the watery eyes, telling
A story, of how conflicted I am,
When I’m like a blade of seaweed
Caught in your mouth, while you dredge my world.
I ponder, how a silly creature has
Come to resemble a primal act of love
That paradoxes everything about it.
What else but love can humiliate,
And still be smiling at the end. Your happy face, that makes
My guilt disappear, like a beak of a duck
Poking beneath water, as I catch my reflection on
The bedroom mirror, the irony
Of love, in all her bitter-sweetness.

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