Love Explained

Kiss 5

We search for the essence
Of everything. What touches the deepest places
And invokes a sense of discovery
Of what it is to see the heart of matter
And the marrow inside.

The amber, where the fossils remain,
To extract a little DNA. And the source of your feelings
If and when, comprises of a soul
Renatured to soul, in the chemistry
Of one-upon-another.

And upon that monument, we lean
To define a life that knows,
There is so much at stake – not to walk away;
And a sense of belonging
To a lattice of bone, protein and plasma.

And that element of longing,
Strangely endeavors to extrapolate
A series, to a point of mathematical myth,
Which when pledged and orbited by gold
Issues a coupon, of certification.

You are officially that feeling now,
And you get to make that feeling palpable
In an interface that nourishes more
Than it feeds, to present the mother
Of all mortal senses, that when detonated
Seems like a blackout of everything else – but it.

And from a single point of contact
A hurricane blows through your flesh
When you lapse from one moment to another
In a freefall, unlike anything you know.
And in that greatest distance man can travel
Between two states, you find
A moment of sheer inexplicable madness.

Far more legendary than Icarus’s fall.

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