4th Of July

Landscape America Skyscrapers Metropolis Manhattan
Landscape America Skyscrapers Metropolis Manhattan

A celebration of all things American.
Elise Island, the Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam
Who really was a meatpacker
Called Samuel Wilson, the power
Of community and the boldness of individuality.
And in this state of affairs
Of a nation, that shepherds the world
With compass and cartography,
Of the cosmopolitism of our own morals
– Acceptance, tolerance and respect –
What echoes from the forefathers’ tongues,
Even in the present. And in this status quo
There is nothing more endearing
Than the sovereign nation of man,
A lattice of bone, protein and blood,
Concealing inside, a chamber called a human heart,
A constitution on its own right,
Which democratizes many freedoms,
Of which, love is the principal, imploring in earnest,
The right to assembly, in the
Absence of condition.