4th Of July

A celebration of all things American. Elise Island, the Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam Who really was a meatpacker Called Samuel Wilson, the power Of community and the boldness of individuality. And in this state of affairs Of a nation, that shepherds the world With compass and cartography, Of the cosmopolitism of our own morals … Continue reading 4th Of July

A Poem

On a keyboard, typing a wave of words, Undulated expression, stealthily moving Along a nexus between thought and expression Of a poem in the making, that like life Is a fate-blossomed episode. When born They become our gifts to mankind, fickle offerings Of our time on this planet, our legacies, Those staying-prone alibis of time, … Continue reading A Poem

Mona Lisa

On a revered canvas You find the incumbent perfection Of God’s clay, blurring to the brushstrokes, To unveil – voila – the trademark Expression of ambivalence, of two worlds, Notoriety and cynosure, woman if not man, Original and replica, De Vinci and Duchamp, Renaissance and Dada. The most commonplace piece of art Of a supposed … Continue reading Mona Lisa