Have you racked up time That dimension that keeps running away from you And you’re wondering what you can be realistically.  Am I a Poly Math I wonder? Yet I cannot paint the Last Supper, Still I look at the number of things I do, I get to be poly-something I say to myself. Perhaps … Continue reading Poly

Meat Lover

In that absence of introspection At the merciless canines, I stand, no predator in solemnity  Just another soul, that looks at The buffer crashing into a chicken, darting across The street, and smiles nonchalantly. And in that voracious appetite To the white and the red, which just like The wines, makes you inebriated When you … Continue reading Meat Lover

A Prisoner’s Bliss

The poetry of silence swimming From all corners and rocking A bassinet, that like a mother’s palm Gently sways me right to left Up and down, until I’m a weary Sight-blunted warrior, in my beauty sleep. Knowing that, in this life-long incarceration, My green mile at Alcatraz, That’s the best part of the day or … Continue reading A Prisoner’s Bliss


  To be, To exist or live, To prolong or carpe diem… ##### Caught in these trappings Gurus define; I go topsy and turvy Through the navel of an hourglass As I waste away, knowing life Is just a meaningless inertia, Of what we collect to furnish meaning, Love, riches, photographs and memories. ###### And … Continue reading Dreams

On the Third Date

Don’t kiss me as yet honey, At least not right now. I’m not ready for your body To comb my thickets or tip my sensors, Nor do I wish to learn the language Of love, this early into knowing you. We are still buds, little closed rings of petals That still don’t know, The art … Continue reading On the Third Date

Elegy on Fame

A nebula develops From a little opening on a stage And slowly turns to a star  To throngs, just like a celestial body That blazes light, for those afar To witness, the burn of gases And with time, the star power grows Until you’re battling your wrinkles And the sagging protein in your flesh, And … Continue reading Elegy on Fame


You scoop ice cream to two bowls To watch Titanic from bed. You see Jack and Rose flutter their arms Like they are albatrosses on a hull About to take off and you try the Titanic pose At home, you flap like mad, And still no Romeo and Juliet moment Only a feeling of two … Continue reading Titanic

Banana Republic

It was the American author O. Henry Who coined the term “Banana Republic” To explain the exploitation by dictatorships Of bananas plantations In Latin-American countries. And out here in the 21st century, Just as centuries before, it is just monkey business as usual. Love is just a pact with little kickbacks And what else is … Continue reading Banana Republic


Look how beautiful It is, when palm supports palm, And fingers caress fingers.  How straight are those palms in togetherness. And those assemblies of palms, like lovers, Slip and glide on each other At the dead heat of the night Opposite a lighted candle thread, In interfaces which form and denature Every passing day, almost … Continue reading Interfaces