Black Pride


You have your roots
To the Mandinka tribe in Gambia
Chained by the white man, ferried by ship
Made to work in a cotton farm for a lowly existence as a slave.

And now, you see black pride
Everywhere you look. The barber shops,
The board rooms, poet laureates,
Basketball courts, stages of song and dance
On screens of Hollywood

Look how beautiful tapestries
Of black skin are, how slaved gametes swam
Upstream to find oases to multiply, and look at
The defiance of black power indomitable, unified and portraits
Of free men, basking in the spacey
Comforts of freedom.

And black, is not just a comparison
To chocolate, or coffee or a sprinkle of pepper,
It is that stitch darker than onyx
Fairer than midnight, as common as black tea

How beautiful are the afros, cornrows, little curls
And broad foreheads on top of
Strong bone features, and that is a face
That absorbs all color from the surrounding
To become an archetype of black.

Alek Wek is beautiful. So is Denzil Washington.
How brave to condescend beauty and her standards
To abolish any prejudices of light on eyes.

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