The unborn sin Takes its cue from the apple tree And extrapolates the fine art of revelation To embryonic desire, in the beholder Sometimes apples, those benefactors of lust Are just an expression of womanhood No riddles to solve, no invitations to grapple with No confectionery to indulge in. Only the implicit clarity, That what … Continue reading Cleavage


There are statements of the flesh That are estranged from the sexual revolution The mantillas, the hijabs and many more That preserve queendoms of the flesh Inside thick-walled ramparts. And there are places too, oases, wonderlands That are clouded by the cover of garments Battling the expectations of the Neanderthal mind Red carpets with flesh … Continue reading Modesty


My wife lost her pet dog recently. She was Ginger, a sausage dog Cuddly, attention-seeking, lovable And always trotting towards my wife For some “us” time. And she welcomed me too, with tenderness She never barked at me, perhaps knowing, That I would be the caretaker of my wife And she mine. We loved that … Continue reading Ginger