Gay Pride 3


Did you know that Sodom and Gomorrha
Was the location for the garden of Eden?
The privileged few, the farmers who reared livestock,
Destroyed by the wrath of god……

Over here in San Francisco, there is no fire and brimstone
Only the descendants of Sodom and Gomorrah,
Free from eternal damnation,
Walking on genderless asphalt-paved roads
Turning their backs on effigies of hate,
Marching for the right of the body to bear a gold ring
And be the custodian of a reciprocal,
Whose anatomy, equates yours.

And you see placards of expression,
Crying freedom, not to forestall the momentum
Of wanting that right, of a symmetrical-interface,
Those kisses that know no lipstick marks, lovemaking that orients
Two beings in one corridor, in the inverse of a faceoff,
An afterglow that is universal,
To man, woman or those in the twilight zones
Of gender or genders.

And in San Francisco, the Spanish priests
Still preach inside nearby churches,
While gay men walk in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge,
Seeking the treasure of gold orbiting a finger,
A march of the masses, for the right to march,
To an opus by Mendelson or Pachelbel, down an aisle
To where love orbits two hearts, two white tuxedos,
A room full of white lilies, two doves fluttering in freedom,
And two white knights, each holding a white flag
In the beauty of surrender.

And all this for a blessing from – and a vow to –
That notorious white elephant we call God.

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