Gay Pride 2


Evolution works on the principle
Of natural selection. Darwin said that long ago.

What is less cumbersome to select
Than one generation of perfect symmetry

What no gamete can aspire
To protract beyond the point of lapse.

How beautiful is the bush with two colorful birds
Or two fluffy-eared jack rabbits?

And how endearing is recreation absented
Of procreation, holding the nacre of true love

To break out of an oyster shell
Out of a rock terrace, out of the ocean

Out of a wooden closet, to become naturalized
To a status quo, where kaleidoscopic rainbows

Vindicate how much beauty there is
In sheer symmetry. Just look, at those

Sunflowers, nautilus shells, peacock tails – all beauties of nature,
Just like how endearing two bodies are

Which only know the absolute need
To be a palindrome.

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