Gay Pride 3

Did you know that Sodom and Gomorrha Was the location for the garden of Eden? The privileged few, the farmers who reared livestock, Destroyed by the wrath of god…… Over here in San Francisco, there is no fire and brimstone Only the descendants of Sodom and Gomorrah, Free from eternal damnation, Walking on genderless asphalt-paved … Continue reading Gay Pride 3

Gay Pride 2

Evolution works on the principle Of natural selection. Darwin said that long ago. What is less cumbersome to select Than one generation of perfect symmetry What no gamete can aspire To protract beyond the point of lapse. How beautiful is the bush with two colorful birds Or two fluffy-eared jack rabbits? And how endearing is … Continue reading Gay Pride 2

Gay Pride

We drew kaleidoscopic rainbows, as crayon men How beautiful for a day in February, To no longer be match-stick men. To blaze color to our monochromatic world, Excluded masses crying in silence, in fear, Seated on corners, veranda steps, park benches Even the pews of a church, not knowing When the purple dawn will fall … Continue reading Gay Pride