Sea Creatures


Autumn closing in
The waves turning colder
The sea breeze running downwind
While the sky turns to a paler blue.
The sturgeon is hunted all around the Caspian Sea
For its pricey caviar, while
The Papa sea horse will collect
Roe from his lover, inject half
The chromosomes through the membrane
And rear the fertilized eggs
Until they are little bony seahorses
With prehensile tails.
While the humpback whale will
Make a little knotty maneuver
Sky hopping and tail flapping in style
While humming eerie whale songs
To attract a female humpback.
And I, a loan-shark for a bank in town
Is working the night shift
Making a racket with my trademark grunt
To embellish with a falling egg
A mermaid’s pouch.

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