Giving a Sperm Sample for Fertility Testing


You wait with a group of two other men
In a waiting room until that sweet girl
In specs calls you and fills a form
And gives you a small container to
Fill your biological nuke.

You do everything possible to get a little sample from a tip
Until you give in knowing you have no hope
Here of ever being able make a deposit.
Your head is nodding downwards and you slowly smile
At the nurse as you say “I just couldn’t get it going”

And that was my day at the infertility clinic.
All my dreams wrapped in a piece of meat
With generous bosoms and curvy insulation,
That dream woman who still roams around in the mind
Making an impression, and even she couldn’t
Make me spill my cocktail.

Life is what you do when faced these moments.
All you can do is look at a picture
Of your wife on the phone and say to yourself
“I failed love”. None of us are perfect, we are just
Morphing in and out of moments
Called fate, stumbling at the most crucial
Moments, stifled by life. I make a poker face
A lie when everything inside of me is trembling,
As I walk out of the door.

When life gives you lemons, you walk with that.
Perhaps the next time life will give me
A little stiff banana that can be made into
A smoothie and all that is left, is to converge
Spiked by fertility pills, making a little spill,
A micro-deposit, to make a sculpture of our mutual genes,
Growing bigger by the day until the moment of truth
Gazes at us – the pinnacle of love’s honesty brimming
On two beaming meniscuses,

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