Sea Creatures

Autumn closing in The waves turning colder The sea breeze running downwind While the sky turns to a paler blue. The sturgeon is hunted all around the Caspian Sea For its pricey caviar, while The Papa sea horse will collect Roe from his lover, inject half The chromosomes through the membrane And rear the fertilized … Continue reading Sea Creatures

Giving a Sperm Sample for Fertility Testing

You wait with a group of two other men In a waiting room until that sweet girl In specs calls you and fills a form And gives you a small container to Fill your biological nuke. You do everything possible to get a little sample from a tip Until you give in knowing you have … Continue reading Giving a Sperm Sample for Fertility Testing


Love, only love, can sleep aloud And burn in silence or whisper And leap out of eye, lip and tongue To harness the energy that lives inside. A portrait, of no mirages, phantoms or ghosts Just a supreme sense of never abandoning The vessel that carries you. Love, it Is the soul of the soul, … Continue reading Love