Love At First Sight

Could I? Know your name, your identifier, Your dignity without human labels? The good name? So that I can live inside you Like a yeast cell that will pass his Days leavening all your feelings? Boosting your wealth with the little deeds I do, to preserve us, and How you reciprocate me with tenderness. Can … Continue reading Love At First Sight

French Kiss

Thin tender ice Slowly thawing, cracking To the gentle burn of touch To the feel of inching in, from juxtaposition, To a gentle confluence. And I, the ice fisherman, melting time On the terminus of a fishing pole, Wishing to hook a species Of pink fish that squirms out, From water to land.

Yesteryear’s Hibiscuses

Memories, like dried petals Of hibiscuses inside pages of a book Preserved in layers of myelin And when the book is opened time to time You could see the petals of yesteryear, the pollinators That perched on the nectar trails And the pollen they all carried Still look love, you’re here with me, The flower … Continue reading Yesteryear’s Hibiscuses


The grape skins on a bowl Residue of my desert for the night, And a coffee mug that I brewed Which I’m sipping still. I’m alone in an apartment in Sydney Solitude playing a lone hand Against the barometric sensors of loneliness Losing to the last sip of coffee going Down the esophagus and looking … Continue reading Loneliness