Nobel Prize

What I had no hope of ever nearing in, Until the madman streak spread like lightning. Through the third eye, battling the heart, bathing The finger tips, inking words. Yes, everyone calls me “mad, beyond repair” And so, I will act like a real madman. A crane lifting her wings effortlessly Knowing she could only … Continue reading Nobel Prize


The loneliest night was spent in insomnia After a visit to a psychiatrist Who told me that I was schizophrenic. How the egg and chicken situation Eats me alive, how can my genes by so corrupt As I look at my scrambled mind Holding the mirror at so many angles And yet how beautiful to … Continue reading Misdiagnosis

Masturbating in 2013

You give in to the memory Of the memory. How when we didn’t have playboy or porn Back in 1996, we had our memory to replay The woman at the British Council Library Who in that curvy green dress, stormed My senses, never to let go. She made the grass on the third eye Turn … Continue reading Masturbating in 2013

Bull’s Eye Pregnant

Have you seen how eggs Are arranged in a fridge? It’s always in two lines when the one closest Is sucked in by your fimbriae like fingers And dropped on the frying pan. And as the egg breaks You see the white spreading Like an amniotic ocean And the golden yolk, Afloat on top like … Continue reading Bull’s Eye Pregnant

God Days

  You’re tired to the brink, to the collar bone Sedimenting on beds and reclining chairs. The long plod of life As hostile as a mammoth scorpion Reversing for a fight. These are the days you remember God When that stubborn strain of weariness Regulates your movements You’re like a potato, the couch kind, Still … Continue reading God Days

Witch Hunt

I’m alive because of me. The window I look out of, has so many cracks now. As if pebbles and stones have been thrown from far. Strangers or friends, anyone for that matter Wrapped their arms in front of their ribcage And watched the game unfold, Carefully, being the spectator. While I plodded, fell, stumbled … Continue reading Witch Hunt

Moratorium 2

Few will ever fight the system. Period. Have you seen a mercenary? Rugged backpack on the shoulder, a gun on the belt Sports shoes on, travelling the valley Of the lexicon, walking slowly Learning not just the art of mere survival, But the tricks of the trade. Look how that soldier of fortune With no … Continue reading Moratorium 2


I KNOW MOST OF YOU CONDITIONALLY SUPPORT MY POETRY. (What I mean is the gossip or noise on me at that point in time will regulate your actions). I only know how to rebel against the liberal establishment that has taken away my most fundamental human rights. 1976, Asilomar comes to mind Here when a … Continue reading Moratorium


Messenger RNA to protein Is a translation by a biological apparatus Called the ribosome. We call this mechanism  A dogma central to molecular biology. We translate a sentence into meaning Or a theory into functional practices. We translate a book from first print To translation, we draw metaphors From living things and inanimate objects, We … Continue reading Translation