Fact of Life

The strange winds, they howl. The cheetah’s heart thumps, Too hard, too soon. While an elephant caught in the path of a rifle, So precise, so brutal, it made blood Spill through the skin. And three hours later, You could find a carcass with two tusks extracted, Which goes viral in the Facebook world. And … Continue reading Fact of Life

2 Years Love

Broken fate like a twig halved in split Oh the debris of storms that hit Scrambled fate, no start or end Like the Nile that passes the bend And you, my lovely wife, can do no harm Donning the shovel in your weary arm The fallow was good for a renaissance Leonardo was no polymath … Continue reading 2 Years Love

Catholic Boy

Not an alter servant or priest Or a tax collector who wanted To be rolled over by the faith engine. I stood for love. That crazily stupid Feeling that lets go of the sinful eyes. And I will always be that stereotypical catholic Who waited till marriage, To be that cheat, who copied from instinct, … Continue reading Catholic Boy

Two Sports Poems

Boxing In that testimony Of two fists that sting and flutter Like species of insects, you find A glorious drone-like fury With no traces of hate Cricket In the custody of white knights You find the leather and the willow Playing an ingenious battle On a dried piece of lawn That understates the degree of … Continue reading Two Sports Poems