The morphological madness Of anorexia has now been quelled, As Ashley Graham and plus sized Models are running the catwalks So elegantly, as if, Renoir’s brushstrokes Are turning to real life; the once taut bodies Jumping out in to a thin fuzz Of cellulite, which to the naked eye, appears Almost like the froth of … Continue reading Modeling

Two Poems on Dreams

Dream 1 A pink-purple gerbera on a vase And still how beautiful is a lone wonder Striking a pose on her catwalk Almost like how a hybrid species of life Poses inside a little homely uterus. Every petal, a promise, By a solitary cell, to proliferate In to the prosperity of multiplicity From a day … Continue reading Two Poems on Dreams

Two Poems on Hope

Hope 1 Down on Hollywood walk of fame There are stars ascribed to celebrities And I like a fool jumping into chase The stars given by arm-chaired editors Of journals far. Glory I realize Is just like the aluminum kettle that blows once And then tea and cake are served. How dreadful to To taste … Continue reading Two Poems on Hope

Jaffna Children 2

Through the patchwork horizon You hear of rehabilitation and reinstatement of civilians Where they once belonged. And here, you too find, ragamuffins That sweat imbued innocence Grafting the hoodoo of the wind To hover a kite on the Jaffna sky And just a mile ahead, there is an old man A tiger sympathizer, smoking A … Continue reading Jaffna Children 2

Jaffna Children 1

And in Jaffna’s limestone soil Where chalk appears as jewels next to the black board So brilliant, they make light traverse A great divide. Here children, who were too young for war, Weather the storms and come up on The other sides like tiger sharks Who carve through destiny’s waters With fins made of steel … Continue reading Jaffna Children 1