Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy

They say Midnight Cowboy
Was the only R-rated movie to win best picture,
And the first LGBT-friendly movie to win acclaim in Hollywood. 
Jon Voigt was the cowboy stuck in a hotel room
Waking up to a reality that few ever perceive.

Life happens in the strangest ways
The alternation to survive the sveltering New York summers
Where sultry corridors are packed
With flesh-pillars, crashing through in instinct, climbing on top
Of “coat hanger” shoulder blades
In a rundown street bar.

And in that twisted insubordinate reality
The delirium of being befriended by one body inside a dark room,
Is just the prelude to the sperm whale coming
To shore, where his crushed sandcastle now stands.

And here you twist
To a New York minute sucking you in
To a strange freedom, that always
Does the exact opposite, the inverse,
Standing by proximities that summon musk and mood,
And a deliberation that spoils that maddening moment
When the whale carcass comes to shore

Only for guilt, the blue whale, to swim back out.

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