Midnight Cowboy

They say Midnight Cowboy Was the only R-rated movie to win best picture, And the first LGBT-friendly movie to win acclaim in Hollywood.  Jon Voigt was the cowboy stuck in a hotel room Waking up to a reality that few ever perceive. Life happens in the strangest ways The alternation to survive the sveltering New … Continue reading Midnight Cowboy


From above the Alabama soil There were stories that were calling Out louder than the crispy Noise of peanuts, crunched on teeth, While the bones beneath still remember The touch of the bush, the leaf and the caress When there were corvid-shades everywhere Making a racket on the need of the hour, To be colorblind, … Continue reading Tuskagee

My Dad the UN Retiree

My father spent 22 years with the United Nations. Where his main type of work Was development – the type that involves Project files, MS Excel budgets And deft action plans. Still I have never seen him take a challenge On to his stride, than when it came to the car. He would check the … Continue reading My Dad the UN Retiree


############## She cleans her face with soap And an avocado facial wash Wipes with a Kleenex tissue and applies Some moisturizer. She embellishes Her lips with a titian lipstick Cheeks with skin-toned blush And darkens her eye lashes With mascara. ####### She will walk to her man Waiting in the lobby of the Colombo Hilton. … Continue reading Cyclone