There are greyhounds that cut across
America, carrying colleges students,
Freshers and sophomores, to the over-sexed
Halls of fraternities and sororities.
Here, you find a status quo that drives
Young women to sheer desperation
After all a culture that only treats
The soul with the respect of her skin garment
Crushes the long queues of virgins
Whose flesh are embodiments of the holy scripture
Broken by the tide of an indifferent fate.
A virgin is a bulwark on her own right
Bathing the body with morphing time.
And In the battles of the sexes,
The power to wield will always rest feebler
Than the mettle of the shield.

2 thoughts on “Virginity

  1. The lines in this poem flow very well. I like your technique of ending a line with a verb to create flow. Great theme and message.

    btw; minor suggestions:
    “[college] students”
    I would add a period after “desperation”
    “And [in] the [battle] of the sexes”

    I wrote a short essay (450 words) on The Other Boleyn Girl called “Three Reasons to Delay Sex Until Marriage.” If you would like to read it, I am open to any feedback:

    1. I like your article. For me, a man, to wait till marriage, is unheard of this day and age. This is why everyone became so curious as to my choice and what goes through my head – my thoughts. Still when you’re a true romantic, waiting till marriage is a prized destination and it also makes sense in the spiritual sense, since you were raised a catholic. When you’re a borderline polymath, waiting till marriage is easy. You have so many interests – poetry, prose, humor, communication, general knowledge, many sports, many sciences etc – that the wait is so simple that it makes marriage an easy choice. Still my wife and I are good in our magnetism, but we are not wildfires in bed, and that doesn’t mean anything. We had our honeymoon period and now we are settling into the post-honeymoon period, with other less sexual needs being at the helm. I love my wife and I hope we go the distance, which I profess as an eternity.

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