You wear a vest, ammunition, carry a rifle And patrol the streets at daytime Through the bazaars and the flower markets. You develop a sixth sense about you. This war was meant to be a victory. And you have been a borrowing miser for so long Living on canned soup, cigarettes and pictures Of a … Continue reading Afghanistan

An Inspirational E-mail from the Deep South

There are stories of inspiration That surpass the trendy must-dos Relayed through a click of a button On the information superhighway. And at the other end, lies a black teenager Looking through the prism of time, At the beautiful south that grew a dark courage And painted the white squares, with color. And through the … Continue reading An Inspirational E-mail from the Deep South


Idi Amin was a powermonger So was Hitler. So are the indomitable Dictators that own towns, municipalities Even households. There, you find the law coming Down so hard, it makes feet, tree trunks That push down, rooting to a reality Few can ever fathom, where the day is darker Than the night, and only hope … Continue reading Dictators

Wedding Anniversary 2

The faceoff between history and time In that tradeoff of love; leaning like the tower of Pisa On fate and making that perfect circle, With comes with a few greasy cheesy toppings, Into a margarita. Looking at the Pizza box After two years, knowing that the dough Is still sound, and yet acquiescing to that … Continue reading Wedding Anniversary 2

Wedding Anniversary

I asked my wife whether the she would like to go to the infertility clinic And then Amante – after all we haven’t  Gone for that kind of shopping for nearly a year. And isn’t it strange that an infertile couple Makes little arrangements to put a key in And open a little doorway, on … Continue reading Wedding Anniversary

The Nutcracker Suite

In that moment too soon That grapples you with the iron fist Of yearning. The nougat piece that almost melts on your tongue. And you water that moment hoping That the nut beneath is spectacular And easy to crack open like a cashew nut Or the perfect halves of a peanut.   And love is … Continue reading The Nutcracker Suite