The Pharisees


Downtown, there are young men
Looking out of the pear-lens
To see the apple of the eye. 
And that pear, that stretches
Every dimension of humanness
Ensures the falling of throngs
To the trendy all-purpose lifestyle of sin.

And we are told today, that while
Pre-marital sex and lying are redundant
Humility and confessionals are the cornerstones
Of a catholic faith that is increasingly
Acquiescent, not caring about that piece of literature
Called the disposable bible.

And while religion dilutes out
There is still the fate of those who accused Mary Magdalene
And nailed Jesus on the cross,
That still look at that ripened apple
With salivating senses.

Oh how blinding can apple orchards be….
For those plucking the religion apple swarming with worms.

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