Spring Chicken

I remember the night I held on to a goddess In a lavender dress, a necklace with an amethyst stone Around her neckline, and a little breeze That was vaporizing the sweat droplets. I was just a spring chicken, who looked right Of way and then the left side, before darting across The road, to … Continue reading Spring Chicken


The jukebox Has 150 different records to play. And the sound of a metal disk Clicking into play, anticipation waves Climbing across the collar bone Your head above water A woman that you had never set Your eyes on before, contradicting Everything you’ve ever felt before. How easy it is for a silky love song … Continue reading Jukebox

Sunday Mornings

The Sunday morning sun Glazing the eye that keeps searching for the foothold Of how beautifying the stitch of your wife is Loosely bellying out to the light Like flesh-colored sugar plums Breaking open on my skin, with a slow drip of honey. Oh how beautiful is the land of the sugar plum fairy. And … Continue reading Sunday Mornings

Climate Change

Have you seen pale white skin Turn gold like a thanksgiving turkey Tan-happy, the hazel eyed woman, Sits on a sun chair, looking out To a stationary sun and the Yucca trees. The coal ministries are back Singing halleluiah, the dust bowl Is buzzing with mossies that are as plastic As the cacti in Utah, … Continue reading Climate Change


The warring years of detonation, Ambulance sirens and church bells The cycles of fire and ice, almost Like the ice ages and the burning epochs And on top of a chess board Lies a pawn that can march forward On a battle field, to be destocked, derailed Even when there is enough coal in his … Continue reading War


Have you seen How the fork and the knife Are arranged on a table? It is a life lesson for us In carpe diem. You stab with your left, Your weak hand, after all, you leave, The strong hand for dissection. And when fate lies squirming on the tip of the fork You take the … Continue reading Cutlery

The Pharisees

Downtown, there are young men Looking out of the pear-lens To see the apple of the eye.  And that pear, that stretches Every dimension of humanness Ensures the falling of throngs To the trendy all-purpose lifestyle of sin. And we are told today, that while Pre-marital sex and lying are redundant Humility and confessionals are … Continue reading The Pharisees


The graffiti artist that becomes A canvas painter, painting on One hemp canvas, drawing Little moments of a lifetime Where the brim keeps getting bigger To expand saturation point To the de-compaction Of every brushstroke to a degree Where every mold of color Becomes a strange parasite, suckling The elan vital of memory Through a … Continue reading Canvas


When you’re just a pre-pubescent child You learn the art of cheating, a flu That you don’t have, or a tummy ache That is feigned becomes your modus operandi. Slowly you upsize, first to an exam cheat And then to the contemporary When you’re cheating on your wife. Its never easy, to let go of … Continue reading Cheating