First Kiss (Rejected by Permafrost Magazine)

Kiss 5

Time stood so still at that perfect moment.
The guzzle had dripped to glug
I was swallowing slush
Flakes of vermillion, of lips
Gone cold of waiting.

I could trample, trespass or even encroach
She had no aversion of any of that.
She was like a jug kept inside a cupboard
Searching for the ripple of water
I took her by her handle
Placed her on my thirsty lips
She poured out like a genie from inside a bottle
Giving me a wish, I had long waited for

And everything blitzed like
A troupe of kamikaze pilots
The thread beneath my lips was cut by anticipation
I savored what I could taste
And leashed on to what I could
Only feel and not understand

It was all wrong, like how the first puff
Of a cigarette overpowers you
But in that same wrong, there were so many rights
The senses fastidious, lurking
Like a lioness to her antelope prey.
I was unholy inside my pants
As I lingered like a tempest
Dueling with a water-broken hull
Seemingly like a lacy corset
Naughty and yet so elegantly nice

And in this maze of voluntary lip-thrushes
And involuntary tuning
I was enjoying the plum-red pudding
That her lips were now
Only bee-stung by my lips

And at long last, I finally let go
Of that little edge that fastens on to yours
And makes it extra hard to release.
It was just contact, like giraffes necking
And stags antler-fencing
But this had something rosy, ripe,
Flesh-engined, something very strange
In man and woman, making mangos
Out of ripening-prone edges,
Wolfing in greed, to leave each others lips
Like parrot-devoured pulp.

And so went the first kiss.
Like how the doldrums bring together
Trade winds to a little interface
Called the equator, where ships slow down,
Stuck in a moment they can’t seem to
Get out of. Just like a first kiss strands
Lips in amnesiac waters of time,
Hulls bobbing up and down,
A sprinkle of salt depositing
As a time-enwrapped memory,
Halos fading to halite.

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