You hear Manchester in the news That some crazed terrorist has taken throngs of lives With a detonation device. In this bloody carnage There are two kinds of bombs. - The TNT kind that blows apart the ambient flesh And the heartfelt kind that blows even from a distance - And have you seen a … Continue reading Bomb

Good Friday (Rejected by Permafrost Magazine)

At home, Good Friday is a hard day to get through. The meat of chicken and pigs have magically Transformed to Jesus’s flesh, and it’s a no-go zone For the catholic-minded. Over at the table You count the goodies from your neighbors After all, it is New Year too in Sri Lanka, but your face … Continue reading Good Friday (Rejected by Permafrost Magazine)

First Kiss (Rejected by Permafrost Magazine)

Time stood so still at that perfect moment. The guzzle had dripped to glug I was swallowing slush Flakes of vermillion, of lips Gone cold of waiting. I could trample, trespass or even encroach She had no aversion of any of that. She was like a jug kept inside a cupboard Searching for the ripple … Continue reading First Kiss (Rejected by Permafrost Magazine)