Fortune Cookie

Fortune cookie 2

A talisman is like an amulet
Or a good luck charm,
It bestows on the owner
A little hope, like St Elmo’s Fire
Firing on top of his temple.

And if you have just finished a meal
Of sticky rice and duck in Hoisin sauce
At a Chinese restaurant in town,
You’re served a fortune cookie
With a printed aphorism inside,
And it makes you wonder,
Whether there is any misfortune in
Reading a message from inside a hollow biscuit
Littered with little spelling mistakes.

Then you realize like an epiphany,
That it is just your pessimism clawing in.
And you simply know that any message
Wombed inside a fortune cookie
Spurs on like a serendipitous amulet,
Even with a syntax error or two

Like when…
God becomes Good
Heat transforms to Heal
And Fate turns Fat.