Ode to Tradition

In Sri Lanka these days, There is a movement for the right of voice And flesh, of those supposedly marginalized By the bedrock of tradition. The gays and the lesbians are hoping to storm The streets this month, to voice their call for freedom From being trapped inside cobwebbed cupboards Holding onto wedding attire that … Continue reading Ode to Tradition


We are all dreamy creatures. That live on the foreground of arrases That fall from the sky, and the muscle  Of our own fabric that we interweave From the way we see this turquoise world. And like how a thread floats in the eye of a needle Reality floats on the pupil hung on the … Continue reading Dreams

Fortune Cookie

A talisman is like an amulet Or a good luck charm, It bestows on the owner A little hope, like St Elmo’s Fire Firing on top of his temple. And if you have just finished a meal Of sticky rice and duck in Hoisin sauce At a Chinese restaurant in town, You’re served a fortune … Continue reading Fortune Cookie