The years I spent Gulping down morsels of kotthu roti As a town, slowly, beefed the spring chicken Straddled with those protein-filaments That shift out with glow and bulge. Bronze, being the untimely truth. And now 20 years after Back again in the same town, I slowly munch The little pre-cooked foods my wife Pans … Continue reading Colombo

First Love

The floral handkerchief You left behind that day; The unopened mints you gave me Which still lie years after In the door of the fridge; The pizza box we shared That I preserved inside my closet; The cigarettes, one by one, We coughed out in swell and discomfort; And the condom I took out From … Continue reading First Love

Land of Toddy Tappers – Sri Lanka

Through the coconut flower You reap the sweetest sap you will ever find. How beautifying is it when A toddy tapper slants his curved knife And carves the sap out and lets the drip-through collect Under a sweet jaggery moon. A man will collect toddy from a few coconuts trees And will serve some toddy … Continue reading Land of Toddy Tappers – Sri Lanka