Two Wedding Poems

In Sickness and Health In the rain-fed landslides  Of stockpiled chemistries Promenade down a nave To a whitened shrine Where one syndrome pledges To muster a lifetime of grit To bloom a beautiful water lily Over mud-spoilt earth The Father of the Bride The two feet That you buckled on a cot The two eyes … Continue reading Two Wedding Poems


She hears the rain patter like No tomorrow and she sees The blooms of hibiscuses, as yellow as a big canary On a children’s TV show. She smells the aroma of a cup of tea And sips the ginger tea to ward off a bout of flu. And she looks at the blue bird in … Continue reading Kingfisher


I drink the health-conscious mocktails That my mom makes. They have obscure fruits like Custard apple, nelli fruit and star fruits In them. She adds some bees honey And some youghurt and blends them into one consistency. And every sip I take I feel like I’m mocking everything diabetic About the future-me. And perhaps I … Continue reading Sugar


My father sets traps to catch Mice that encroach on the kitchen. His favorite trick is to put a little piece of coconut Inside the framed trap. The mice Seem voracious for such a treat. And I have seen him win some battles And lose some. The trap would spring Sometimes, without the mouse inside … Continue reading Mousetrap


Every Nicholas Sparks Novel has a twist to the plot. And there’s nothing more heartbreaking Than the loss of a larger-than-life character. And I, two years into my marriage Is hopelessly scared that I might not be worthy Of a woman, who looks through a kaleidoscope And is married to a man who looks Through … Continue reading Marriage