(The Following Image was sketched by my wife. Credits and copyright belongs to Michelle-Alexander Gunawardana)


Have you heard of the repercussions
Of Climate Change? They say there were Blue Whales
Stranded on clear white sands and pubescent children
Bathing their mammoth bodies with buckets of water.

And there was nothing to salvage.
It was a troupe of carcasses and crying children.
The small and the big on one beach
Under an unforgiving sun.

And over in Louisville, Kentucky
There’s a coal powered factory making little buckets.
As cyclones and hurricanes, all with fancy names,
Blow through the corn bowl,
While weather girls with fancier dresses
Tell us the weather forecast – about El Nino and La Nina.

The mammoth and the miniature – two divergent stories battling
A ruthless reality. A blue streak
Runs through childlike faces, turbulence
Striking like lightning. Spine, like
A conductive rod electrifying every muscle
Ligament, tendon and space.

And while climate change wallops the flesh.
Stranded inside their little consciences is a creature
Twenty times bigger than a blue whale.

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