Lover Do

Oh the sun, the moon and the stars Bathing light to the outcasts From the throat of darkness gore Down to the great valley of the shore Tide ever so willing like my beloved’s tongue To shelter me, une baisse, the trap’s sprung The dire dungeon from which I ascend To a bed of roses, … Continue reading Lover Do


[This was rejected too by one journal, so I thought of putting on the blog] In this grand scheme of things We are but two twigs in friction In the sweetest purchase known to man A chemical flame of our own surrender Nesting our bodies in each other Sucked in by a feeling That everything … Continue reading Watershed

Beautiful Love

The madness, the folly, Wind, storm and hurricane First moisture and last drop The epiphany and the holy truth Converse shoes and space suit In a being, whitewashed by the tide Of that torment called yearning, Creeping like a gangling vine Searching for the glimpse of the sun To climb to where it all blooms … Continue reading Beautiful Love


In Sri Lanka, many Husbands call their wives “Hello” For some reason, the mobile phone Is not the same as a ground line. There is something exhilarating About putting your finger to a little embossed hole And rotating the dial and the receiver Starting to give the ring tone. Your heart Starts pumping, a little … Continue reading Hello