coffee cups

The moment passed
In a fraction.

I walked out and you walked in
Through the same open doorway
In a little coffee shop in Soho.
My shoulder gently wrapped
Against yours, as we
Walked in opposite directions.

And I looked back to see
You sitting on the same table as I did.
The chair that I sat on, was yours now.
And the table was waiting to be filled
By a little beverage – a cup of coffee or tea.

And I wondered,
How is it, that destiny can so easily,
Trap space in exact precision,
And yet cannot sequester time
In her elusiveness and disobedience.

Perhaps there will be another moment in time
When my coffee will be as warm as yours
Seated on separate tables
Many feet or meters apart.

Oh fate, how can you be tethered
Locked in two discrete dimensions?
Aren’t accidents only casualties
Of our own underlying need to crash?

And love its debris.

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