Kiss 5

18, the journey begins.
I stumble to that destined moment
She would hold her stance, her fort
Her composure, while I’m like a wildfire
Not knowing the twig from the tree
I’m like Prometheus, the lips my cauldron
As I lunge and clasp a soggy ledge
Not knowing the right technique
Or the correct angle or a measure of the momentum
Behind me. I catch you as you fall
Flame lights her tinder as we disappear from the world
Like the inside of a clipped tinderbox
I’m just a schooner smoking on a titian settlement
The fire brightens and dances like a Matisse painting
The colors are like a vivid sunset now
Brighter than the purple dawn
I’m caught between the moment before
And after, in a present that claws
Desire and drags it near.
We smolder, throwing sparks all around
Until exhaled and exfoliated.
First spring was just spectacular
And my embers were still warm and colored
Unlike my eyes that had opened from the slumber.
Drooling, soggy and shameless,
My eyes stalk her for a few seconds.
I couldn’t feel anything below the neck.
I was paralyzed by a feeling of finally knowing
How much electricity was needed
To numb my anatomy
While lighting two iris bulbs.

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