The moment passed In a fraction. I walked out and you walked in Through the same open doorway In a little coffee shop in Soho. My shoulder gently wrapped Against yours, as we Walked in opposite directions. And I looked back to see You sitting on the same table as I did. The chair that … Continue reading Fate


Too many words Unspoken, unfelt, undermined You skim like glaze on skin You bury inside a worm hole And still in absentia of soul-works And heart-chemistries You find the grind, the twist, the torque Voiding that boggling feeling. And that feeling can suckle Moisture from a deep aquifer Of sometimes lost And forgotten collectibles And … Continue reading Love


18, the journey begins. I stumble to that destined moment She would hold her stance, her fort Her composure, while I’m like a wildfire Not knowing the twig from the tree I’m like Prometheus, the lips my cauldron As I lunge and clasp a soggy ledge Not knowing the right technique Or the correct angle … Continue reading 18