Floods 2


Its raining cats and dogs here.
The little boy monk in a petit saffron robe
Who lives in the temple
On the other side of the road
Practices his daily hymns in the pounding rain
While at the Keels Supermarket, a young boy
Asks his mother – who is filling the trolley
With rations – for an ice cream
And she buys him one and finishes
Up collecting the goods, to give
To the Rations Appeal at the temple.

Oh the plight of innocence.
Just like lotus leaves repel raindrops
Detached from a reality they just cannot fathom.
One boy and his chanting hymns
And the other with an ice cream cone in his hand.
Meeting at the temple grounds,
Almost like two lotus leaves,
On the foot of a larger than life Buddha statue.

Their juvenile consciences,
Will nevertheless, like Lotus buds, wait for the hour
When floodgates will open,
To be touched by their own discerning senses.
To feel from inside,
Those inexplicable settlements.

That in time become their own habitats.

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