A 19 Year Old Man in a Gay Nightclub in California

pet shop boys

Have you become lost
In a dark room only found by touch
And taste, tip and tongue, like a Pet Shop Boys song?
Have you stumbled to a strange shoulder
Listening to a song by Babyface
Your limbs falling asleep like an anchor in a jetty

Have you groped in the dark
With no caution or fear or uncertainty
Knowing there will be counter-movements?
And have you let that gale you trapped
For this long, be free, like the world
Melting on your tongue? Oozing
Buccal juices in drool.

And you don’t know much about anything
And still you get lost, asking not to be found.
You extrapolate everything you’ve dreamt of.
Touch, taste, purchase, flow
And still the surrealism breaks
Everything into a masterpiece
Opus no 1 – the one that stays
With you the longest.

You’re too caught in your emotions
To know what is happening where,
Still that feel of being broken
By a mountain, unlatches everything
About you. You gather the little pieces
Of the giant wave and walk away
Humming YMCA.

And you’re transformed by the experience.
Of how that moment capsized
You in a stranger’s arms.
And still how beautiful was Eden.
Exiled to the ecstasy of wood against flesh
Not knowing how long it will last
And how it will end or will it ever end.

And now a brand new world lies before me.
An island of a million dreams.

And Avalon – the isle of fruit trees -,
Isn’t that the place one travels to, to be saved

By a knight in shining armor?

One thought on “A 19 Year Old Man in a Gay Nightclub in California

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. You’ve captured the thrill of that youthful club experience perfectly. Great job—this really took me back.

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