A 19 Year Old Man in a Gay Nightclub in California

Have you become lost In a dark room only found by touch And taste, tip and tongue, like a Pet Shop Boys song? Have you stumbled to a strange shoulder Listening to a song by Babyface Your limbs falling asleep like an anchor in a jetty Have you groped in the dark With no caution … Continue reading A 19 Year Old Man in a Gay Nightclub in California

X (A Humor Piece on Love)

Its me X - the female chromosome Has a fetish to be handcuffed To the Y chromosome. To make those testicles grow Into meaty dim sums. And it becomes an equation Of biology, X with X or X with Y. Oh darn, can we settle For a hermaphrodite? And still X is the factor Of … Continue reading X (A Humor Piece on Love)

Floods 2

Its raining cats and dogs here. The little boy monk in a petit saffron robe Who lives in the temple On the other side of the road Practices his daily hymns in the pounding rain While at the Keels Supermarket, a young boy Asks his mother – who is filling the trolley With rations – … Continue reading Floods 2

Garden of Eden

A waterman pen And a letter to myself from the former me. A love poem to a girl I knew a while back. A garden full of Barberton daisies A little diary from years ago, Grafting through the pages in caution. A box full of Danish Cookies A pastry with egg and bacon inside And … Continue reading Garden of Eden