The Ocean

Holding Hands Sea Relationship People Happiness
Holding Hands Sea Relationship People Happiness

Can’t we swim or even drown
In this boundless dominion?
Can we fly like a giant squid, wings gliding,
Summoned to the call of the benthic wilderness?
And can we grip each other in cephalopod tentacles,
With the purchase of slimy seaweed?
Can we make love like dolphins
Pleasure being our only steer?
Can I be like the dinoflagellates burning their fire cysts
Glow slowly transforming to her afterlife?
Can I bathe you in brine and take the ocean out of you
Through the gauze that is your skin?
Oh look love, how the seabed
Is filled with kaleidoscopic coral,
Sponges, starfish and stone fish
Almost as if there’s another world on the ocean floor.
And look, oh look, how tiny that electric eel is now,
Prowling through the rocks
Waiting for the ocean to be filled back up.