You are spending your time In the garden for a change. The worms slither Like miniature snakes. The myena birds Fly around searching for a nesting place. There’s a crow on the asbestos roof Greeting you like an ominous omen. You hear a bell from the postman Delivering a letter from Australia. There’s a rose … Continue reading Garden


You’re inside a box And you’re thinking outside. And still you can’t figure out How the house mouse crept through An opening, right into the kitchen And on to the container holding A few kilo grams of rice. And you wonder, how can solid walls And sturdy doors be outwitted by a rodent. And you … Continue reading Mouse

The Ocean

Can’t we swim or even drown In this boundless dominion? Can we fly like a giant squid, wings gliding, Summoned to the call of the benthic wilderness? And can we grip each other in cephalopod tentacles, With the purchase of slimy seaweed? Can we make love like dolphins Pleasure being our only steer? Can I … Continue reading The Ocean