A Virgin In Utah

She cleans the table And takes out the morning trash And thus the day begins in Utah. A woman 26 years, a virgin, pledged to Jesus Who in this dire paranoid technosphere Is just fighting for mere survival. And she looks at the bananas on the table While she thinks of the Poet Basho who … Continue reading A Virgin In Utah

Out-of-Wedlock Kiss

Moment too soon, lips too far Spellbound like an incendiary star How hath mouth collude to taste Defrazzled lips buzz, wasps in haste Scrimmaged game, and paired sport A steeplechaser weathering one’s throat Lips twisting like a spinner’s wrist Oh the flavor, sloth-work till adrift Ajar, agape, so lingers aftertaste Surrender, hath you, to a … Continue reading Out-of-Wedlock Kiss


Hark, the whisper of a forgotten land, Melancholia swims on the airy domes of slums, that embank, The bountiful floor, as river Goddesses veer. On this cold lonely night, Gods too shiver. How hath fury harvested the land, Of her innate beauty, in deluge so grand On the makeshift boat, innocence galore Some fresh water … Continue reading Floods