There is a story in everyone.
How we try to find a pearl inside an oyster
Searching the seven seas.

Perhaps we are love-prone creatures
Who make journeys of the heart,
The cornerstone of life. The roads not taken
Stare back at you like a woman
From the across the bar, dropping an invitation.
And the one that you let go, comes like the tide
To haunt you over and over.

And that epoch of discos,
Pub crawls, one night stands are all summer-stamped
Editions that most people go through.
Still 35, and alone in an apartment
On a Friday night, sipping a glass of wine
Takes a toll on you. You’re a casualty of caution.
A victim of fate. Meatloaf of the previous decade.
Driftwood to lapsing time.

And the truth is unpacked suitcases
Are always a little heavier than you think.

Almost like an unloved heart.