First Kiss

Man Romantic Couple Love Kiss Grooms Romance
A Kiss

You, the focal point of my desire
The lone color in a black and white room

I lurk like a shadow searching for light, to shape
My contours. A raft afloat in tides of whitewater

Pummeling against the elastic endothelium,
Not knowing how long this will last – or not,

Desire breaking the knots that hold the splinters together.
I fear the unknown, like a space man, climbing out

Of a space ship. I’m in alien territory, on the ledge of a kiss
That would baptize me and push my sail sin-ward.

The folklore of a shrine that your lips are.
And I, the pilgrim, drenched in unholy sweat.

Juxtaposed to your tender visage, my knees tremble
In anticipation, a train engine about to derail.

And I finally start feeding like two goldfish lips,
Pushing outwards, lunging towards first feel.

Coal burns like an inferno, as I tumble to your touch.
As everything becomes blind for a perpetual eternity.

Sensation melts like butter on my tongue
And moistens a muscle groping for the pinnacle of honesty.

I finally open my stitched eye lids
And all of you is still here,

And so is your divine aftertaste.

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