Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene

The look in your face, worthy of me
And the others, scorn
Keeping vigil like a lioness.
You who took the stone out of their palms
And reminded each one, of the splinters
In their eyes.

And I searched for you
Around the skull mountain
And found an empty abandoned tomb
They said you had risen
And gone away.

And my lips still know no departure
My feet dance on yours in my dreams
My lips transgress like my night kissing your dawn
And my breasts are no longer
Like Sodom and Gomorra
Weighing of sin.

My heart will stand like Jericho
With the impenetrable walls around me
Guarding the memory of you
As I draw water from the Dead Sea, the banks
We knew so well, baffled at how a dead mass
Can be so life giving.
How the waves come back to wash my feet
Like you did that Passover day.

And I will wait, paying the penance of virtue
To be that woman who mourns louder and longer,
Than she has ever moaned.
Like a lighthouse that needs not
Summon any more ships to her feet.

And love, how can you forget love?
As red as the sea by its name
As dense as a bloom of Trichodesmium
And as carnal as the sharks that swim
Inside that narrow sea
And the boat that used to be here

Cutting through water
Spraying sea foam
Salting time.

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