Mary Magdalene

The look in your face, worthy of me And the others, scorn Keeping vigil like a lioness. You who took the stone out of their palms And reminded each one, of the splinters In their eyes. And I searched for you Around the skull mountain And found an empty abandoned tomb They said you had … Continue reading Mary Magdalene


You get a faint aroma Of nutmeg, as you open the fridge. You take out a brown pudding And take 3 scoops out. It is simply Heaven on earth, as you let the tongue Squeeze out every bit of taste Out of a spoon serving. It is sheer mouthwatering. Your sprinkler system inside the mouth … Continue reading Watalappan


I’ve had a love hate relationship With pumpkin. I love pumpkin curry But detest pumpkin soup. My mom, of late, fries pumpkin seeds With a pinch of salt, And the first taste of fan-fried pumpkin seeds On your tongue is truly divine, A mouthwatering heaven. As you ask yourself, how could I have been oblivious … Continue reading Pumpkin

Sexual Orientation

The first time you imagine a woman naked On mental screens, is when You realize that, a mental picture wets your Whole body except that little place Where the donkey is. And that’s how you pass the test. That you were meant to walk the straight line And that one small room in your household … Continue reading Sexual Orientation

Brown Girl

Brown paper packages come to mind here. Like a Sri Lankan, 35 years, Sold on a paper advertisement, Traded by her parents. Should I say brown paper packages Tied up with string here? Nah it rarely rains virgins here. And it seems we are jinxed, our women Are never love machines, SHHHH, that’s done In … Continue reading Brown Girl