Short Questions and Neruda’s Tongue

Do you know that instant noodles only Takes 3 minutes to cook inside the microwave oven? And a quickie 5 minutes inside A mucosal pocket? And do you know it takes One second for love to bloom at first sight? Do you know a match stick Can only last 10 seconds the most? Do you … Continue reading Short Questions and Neruda’s Tongue

Coriolis Effect

They say that the rotation of a turquoise planet Makes wispy movements on ponds On bathroom bowls, forces tornados And relays cyclones and other ballets of nature And we too know, how we make Rotation part of our daily anatomies. How we rotate the stem of a ripe mango To pluck it, how we plunge … Continue reading Coriolis Effect

Creatures of the Dark

There is beauty in light, like in the luciferin Hidden on the ventral side Of winged beetles; creatures we call fireflies, And they turn luminous green Underneath their abdomen Emanating chemi-luminescence. And these flying lanterns, - Soft-bodied creatures flying with their elytra -, Make children run on the trimmed lawn And the inner child climb … Continue reading Creatures of the Dark