Vesak Poems

Vesak 1 When all the shops in town Hang a closed sign For the common man to flock To a draped seat where enlightenment Radiates from lips through ear. Still sermons, they don’t move The Himalayan mountains Through a crack in the conscience, Nor people less attracted to color And light, wanting so much To … Continue reading Vesak Poems

The Tomato

I’m my own worst enemy. Time and again, I’ve played in my head How it would all unentangle as we knotted, In tentacle clasp and covalent chemistries. Hunters call this the taut line hitch The type that pulls it all tight. The common man romances it to making love. I was a nervous wreck, the … Continue reading The Tomato

O is for Oleander

I stroked her body, with satin finesse Climbed in and out, with a resolute strain by me. The rush of blood was purifying, the roar of the lungs Was louder than a palpitating chamber, The candle wax burnt through an hourglass, Until there was no flame to extinguish. And her body was like a yellow … Continue reading O is for Oleander