Rice Bonds


How beautiful is it to gaze at boundless fields
Filled with harvests. Golden grains of paddy
On top of a shatter-proof peduncle.
A true wonder of biology pyramided inside granaries
To fill large gunny sacs for transportation.

And far away in Colombo, a little child
Feeds a gecko with a rice grain
Perforating the end of a coconut eakle
While the mother feeds the child.

A rice grain is the chalk
That scripts narrations of satiety
And playfulness. Of a little child
And a gecko, whose hunger have evaporated.
A sticky little grain that bonds
Mother with child and child with gecko
In an instant when all is forgotten
Except the taste of a little Basmati snowflake
Churning inside the mouth

All you have are the fecund fields
Of your rapturous heart, to cultivate
Little grains of memories

To feed a lifetime.

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